Painting Rules

Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions:

Article 3.2 Colors and Standards, Page 9 of 20

The Architectural Committee shall examine and approve and stipulate any reasonable changes or alterations and plans for any dwelling unit, garage or outbuilding to be constructed on any Lot or parcel.  Original Colors and any change of color from the original paint MUST BE APPROVED by the Architectural Committee.  No bright colors shall be allowed and colors in general shall be limited to earth tones, soft blues, soft greens, soft yellows, whites, grays, and natural wood colors.  Said changes or alterations in colors duly submitted to the Committee are required to continue the interest of maintaining a superior tone and quality of architecture and aesthetics throughout SUBDIVISION.  

Rules and Regulations

Rule 4.20: Painting  Basis: CC&R Article III, Articles 1.3, 1.25, & 3.2

Homeowners must comply with rules and color palette approved in 2003. There are no exceptions. If a homeowner paints their house a color that is not approved, he or she will be required to repaint the house in an approved color at his or her sole cost and expense. Homeowners are required to maintain the quality of the paint color on their homes. 

Explanation:  In 2003 as a result of numerous homeowner complaints concerning paint selection, the Board of Directors adopted an officially approved color pallet.  This color palette listing is available in pdf form below or at the Sherwin-Williams Claridge Pointe web page:

Although this palette of colors is Sherwin-Williams brand, you may use any brand of paint you desire so long as the color matches this approved list and is either a “Flat” or “Satin” finish. All house trim, specifically the Fascia Board, Rake Board, Window Trim, and Door Trim shall be painted “Pure White” in “Flat”, “Satin”, “Semi-Gloss” or “Gloss.” It is acceptable to have shades in between. For example, “Vaguely Mauve” #SW6015 may be too light for your taste and “Chaise Mauve” #SW6016 may be too dark for your taste, so it is acceptable to have a custom paint color in between these two shades. No deviation from these house colors will be allowed. Accent colors will be considered by the Architectural Review Committee upon proper submission of Architectural Review forms with an attached color sample and which specific trim is to be painted.