City of Reno Municipal Code 6.30.470

All streets within Claridge Pointe on the Greens are considered Fire Lanes by the City of Reno, Reno Municipal Code 6.30.470 which states, “No person shall park any vehicle in a fire apparatus access road or otherwise obstruct such road or public or private property, provided the fire apparatus access roads shall be identified by signs which state "No Parking Fire Lane" and if curbing exists it shall be painted red, or otherwise designated as a fire lane.

Rules and Regulations


When Claridge Pointe on the Greens was constructed, the builders installed driveways which in many cases were too short to accommodate cars and or trucks.  In addition, the streets were constructed in a fashion which does not allow for on street parking.  How or why the City of Reno allowed this is not fully known, however we now are left with the consequences of this action.

Rule 2.2:

PARKING is ONLY allowed in the driveway or the garage.  Parking in fire lanes is strictly prohibited.  Fire lanes MUST be kept clear at all times.  If you vehicle is to long to fit in your driveway, you MUST park your car in your garage.  No moto vehicle of any kind, trailer or any other type of wheel device shall be parked on any sidewak, common area, lawn, xeriscape area or anty area other than a driveway or a garage. 

Rule 2.3:
Guest parking is allowed in individual driveways and in designated guest parking areas only. Parking in the designated guest parking spaces is limited to 24 hours. Homeowners are not allowed to park in the guest parking areas. Parking is NOT allowed in front of mailboxes. Parking of unregistered, uninsured vehicles of any kind are NOT allowed anywhere within Claridge Pointe.